As Exercise Physiologists, our job is to prescribe exercise for a variety of health conditions.

Tailored exercise prescription allows for correct and safe management of these health conditions, improves quality of life, and reduces the risk of any secondary health issues. For assistance with managing or to improve your current health and wellbeing, it is important to talk with your Exercise Physiologist to ensure safety and consider and identify any risk factors that may be associated with exercise completion.

We have provided an outline for just some of the health conditions we often see in our practice, with some key benefits of exercise for each. Beyond these conditions, exercise remains to be one of the most beneficial forms of treatment for management and if you would like more information about your health condition and whether we can help, please contact us.

Health Conditions


Arthritis and Joint Pain

Low Back Pain

Cardiovascular Health



Chronic Pain

Mental Health

Pulmonary Conditions

Sporting Performance

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